Ricardo A. Téllez

I am an engineer developing my PhD thesis in the field of artificial intelligence.
I dream of a world where people is released of heavy duties and have more time to enjoy life and their families and friends.
I dream of a world where abandoned animals can be treated with all the care they need and deserve.
I dream of a world where impaired people are no longer impaired and can enjoy life like anybody else.

I work hard for that dream. This is the reason why I conduct a research on neuro-evolved architectures for real robots at the Technical University of Catalonia (U.P.C.) in Spain under supervision of Dr Cecilio Angulo, as part of my Ph.D. thesis planned to be finished by end 2009.

I believe that working experience is very valuable. It teaches the attitude of focusing on results, that is the real engine for achieving goals. Because of that, previous to my thesis I have been working for the industry for more than six years, performing research and development of electronic circuits applied to the sign market, and also developing control systems for the telecommunication industry based on expert systems. My working experience involved different working environments including standalone and team oriented development, in several places of the world (Spain and United Kingdom), and allowed me to have a focused on results mind.

My main interest is the construction of an artificial conscious machine which helps me achieve my dreams. I firmly believe that embodiment is required for it. For this purpose, I work since 2007 for Pal Robotics, developing humanoid robots.

During my research period, I have published several papers, both technical and popular science, collaborated with other scientists at EPFL in Switzerland, and given some invited talks in Japan and in Spain. Also, my work has been covered by several mass media.

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Don't undertake a project unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible (Edwin Land)