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Our humanoid robot project on Spanish newspaper

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The spanish newspaper Público published an article about the work that we doing with the Humanoid Reem robot. You can find the scanned text here only in Spanish.


Presentation of a book on autonomous robots research

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I did a presentation during the presentation in Valencia of the book 'Palabra de robot', about Aibo research applied to the relation between language and our cognitive capacities, to which I contributed with a special chapter. This presentation was covered by several local media.
Read the reviews by two local newspapers (review-1, review-2) or watch the Aibo video demo done during the presentation.


Radio interview

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Today I have been interviewed at Radio Barcelona of Cadena Ser about my research on autonomous robots and the implications of using robots on humans' everyday life.
The interview went through several issues including home robots, exoskeletons, artificial protheses and conscious robots.
An mp3 file (20 minutes, 4.3Mb) containing the interview can be found here (in Catalan).


Article Published on National Press Journal

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I wrote a small article talking about the possibilities of reaching the Robocup target, i.e., by the 2050 to have a team of robots capable of winning the best human team. This article has been published on the Spanish ABC newspaper, and a pdf version can be found here (in Spanish).


Newspaper covers opinion on future toys

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I have interview for my opinion on the future of toys and how robots will change the conception we have now of them. My opinion has been recopiled on an article at the Spanish national newspaper ABC. A pdf version can be found here (in Spanish).


National Press Review of Our Research

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Today, the Spanish national journal 'El Pais' has released an article about our research activities on Aibo gait generation using neuro-evolution. You can find a pdf of the article here (only in Spanish), or a direct link to the electronic version of the newspaper here (also in Spanish, with no pictures :-(

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